Normal SMS

With Normal SMS you can send out SMS messages fast and easy, free for the receiver. The costs for sending out a message will be charged to your account, using a credit system.

You can purchase the SMS credits beforehand, for only €0.01 per credit. We sell them in bundles of €25, €50 or €100. You can purchase a bundle simply by clicking on either of the buttons below and following the steps of our sales popup!

New! You can now send messages up to 800 characters long!
When you add the extra parameter &bundle=1 to your call to sendsms.asp, the message is automatically broken down in up to 5 submessages which are automatically reattached on your client's phone. Note, when sending a message 380 characters long, then three submessages are send. You pay for each submessage.

The costs for sending out an SMS message via the MobileMoney™ platform differ per gateway. At this moment there are 2 gateways available:

 Delivery in the NetherlandsDelivery International
Gateway 1 (direct)9 credits11 credits
Gateway 25 credits5 credits

Ideal for promotions, offers, reminders or informative services!


You can send out text messages thru our SMS Gateway. This can be done by calling our API, technical knowledge of a scripting language such as PHP or ASP is currently needed.